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Advisory concerning the implementation of ISO 9001:2000 Quality System
Our company offers advisory as well as training services related to the evidence and implementation of Quality System which is based on ISO 9001:2008 international norm. Our reliable and well-experienced team of consultants provides companies with help in overcoming sophisticated procedures effectively and fast.
Services offered by our company include:
  • survey of Company Management Systems and verification of their correspondence with ISO 9001:2008 norm requirements
  • initial training courses in Quality System for a company management and its employees
  • identification of elementary and supplementary processes of company and elaboration of process model concerning Quality System
  • help in the identification of Quality System range and formulation of Quality Policy
  • support in the formation and introduction of System Quality documentation (Quality Manual, procedures, instructions, blank forms, appendixes and other necessary documents)
  • trainings for company internal auditors and help in the organization of internal audits
  • help in the selection of certification unit and formation of certification form
  • help in the removal of possible incompatibilities after the certification audit
Fierce competition is clearly visible on contemporary international markets; that is why, companies are forced to look for various ways of creating new areas of commercial activity, keeping at the same time the present one and making their actions more efficient and effective.
The introduction of Quality Systems is becoming one of the most popular and effective ways of achieving the aforementioned goals. Moreover, businessmen find the Quality Systems useful not only for profitability improvement, but also for strengthening their position on the market and increase of customers’ trust.

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