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Training courses

Training courses organized by Education Centre are targeted at individual clients and companies at differentiated knowledge levels. They are aimed at employees of small, medium and large companies, as well as at territorial self-government units.

The scope of training projects includes: organization management, human resources management, marketing and commercial skills, finances, legal issues, information technology and specialist courses and trainings.
Quality standards for these trainings are ensured through:
Teaching staff – i.e. a group of instructors, coaches, managers, economy practitioners, judges and receivers coming from reputable universities. Teaching staff are obliged to develop the knowledge of subjects they teach.
Class inspections – experts conduct class inspections, during which instructors are evaluated.
Evaluation – evaluations of training projects also depend on participants, who fill out survey forms after each class, examining quality and contents of courses, as well as technical conditions and organization.
Approaches and tools – the quality of services offered by Education Centre also ensures a wide range of approaches and teaching tools. These include, among others, workshops, case studies, moderated discussions, brainstorming, note-taking, repetition planning, fast and efficient revision.
Certificates for training programs – the majority of training programs conducted by Education Centre are certified by units authorized to approve minimum curricula.
Office hours – 4 weeks after trainings clients are provided with telephone (email) advice related to programs under realization.
Training courses and advisory projects are organized for companies of numerous economy sectors: 
  • building industry
  • car industry
  • textile industry
  • food industry
  • financial services
  • publishing industry
  • electronic industry
  • furniture industry
  • fuel energy industry
  • sector of services
and also for:
  • government administration units
  • territorial self-government units



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