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About us
We work for the best
Education Centre ORLEN Group is a training and advisory company established by PKN ORLEN SA and Gdansk Foundation for Management Development. We have been providing a wide range of services including organising trainings, seminars and workshops for both the biggest refinery in Central Europe and medium and big companies in Poland since 1999. Our portfolio of projects contains such training sessions as: Restructuring of Automotive Transport Factory, Sales Academy, Safe Station, Academy of Eagles.
We work with the best
Our company is proud to cooperate with highly qualified consultants and trainers who convey thorough knowledge and practical skills to our clients. Their experience, which assures the effectiveness of our actions, results from the advisory services they have been offering to the biggest Polish companies since 1999 together with the methodology of preparing and conducting trainings.
We educate experts
Apart from the fixed list of trainings, workshops and courses for those who appreciate knowledge we also offer attractive postgraduate studies. Here we draw on the potential guaranteed by renowned universities: Warsaw School of Economics, Kozminski University, Warsaw University, Lodz University, Cracow University of Technology.
We care about the highest standard
Our care to provide the Customers with the highest standards of services is confirmed by the Quality Certificate ISO 9001:2000 given by the German organisation, which certifies educational institutions.

Our attitude

We are the partner you can rely on
Every training project is an individual challenge. This is why, our consultants from the very beginning try to diagnose the needs of the client. Next, on the basis of the thorough analysis, consulted with the client, we define areas needing development. Finally, the team of experts prepares individual program and chooses the most effective methodology.
Development is necessity
During our trainings managers acquire skills and  necessary competence to be able to motivate more effectively, achieve better results and become real leaders. Their subordinates broaden their qualifications, extend their faculties to be more efficient and successful at work. In both cases we give possibility to improve for the benefit of the company.
We check the effects
Every training project is a subject of thorough analysis concerning effectiveness. As a result our Client can be sure, that the investment put into training will bring desired results.

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