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Courses Offer

Our periodic, year-long courses start in October and end in June. A year-long course lasts 130 hours, which split into two semesters separated by a winter break.
The general registration for open courses takes place in September, on weekdays from Monday to Friday.
During the year we administer additional tests at the request of our students in order to determine the language level. The tests are free.
By request we set a mock exam (internal exam) which allows to determine the chance of taking a particular language ability exam.

Steps of enrolment
- student's skills evaluation (written test plus a conversation with a teacher)
- student's needs analysis
- choice of a suitable course group


Lessons take place in groups up to 10 people, with a standard frequency of a 90 minute lesson two times a week, in comfortable classrooms with high quality audio and video equipment. Classes are taught by experienced language teachers whose methodological training is a guarantee of successful learning. The progress of each student is tested during the course and the results are analysed by teachers and students.
The course ends with a final test which evaluates a student's knowledge and use of language. Every student receives a certificate stating which level of language has been completed.

General courses

Language learning from an elementary to advanced level focusing on training students to use the language with ease in everyday life.

Matura and Gimnazjum Courses

A programme created for Gimnazjum students and students preparing for the basic or extended Matura Exam. The course ends in an internal exam verifying the acquired skills.

Business Courses

Foreign language learning with emphasis on various communicative situations such as official meetings, negotiations, giving presentations, telephone conversations or e-mailing.

Exam Courses

Courses effectively preparing students for state-recognised examinations and familiarising them with the form, criteria, requirements and the scoring system of a particular exam. Exams are certified by academic institutions of a given country: the British Council (the Examination Centre in Płock is located in Education Centre), the Goethe Institute, the French Institute, the Moscow Examination Centre (the Examination Centre in Płock is located in Education Centre).
An exam course consists of 120 hours of lessons and ends with a shortened version of the exam ("mock exam"). Students with scores over 75% receive the Language School Recommendation.

Specialist and Institutional Courses

Courses intended for people working in a specific field: accounting, office management, marketing, business, law, hotel management, medicine, engineering etc. A course program is tailored for the specific needs of students, on all levels and in all lines of business.

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